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From Ar-15’s to Ak’s, Bolt actions, Shotguns, Lever Actions, and Handguns.. We Can Order Whatever You Need!

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We Specialize in Custom Tailored Firearms! We thrive in building the perfect gun specifically for you!

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Sometimes getting a firearm transferred in California is difficult. At American Fighter Arms, we are knowledgable in the law and the industry to get you the gun you want in your hands!

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Previously retained as a firearms expert, We have helped dismiss Assault Weapon Charges in California! We can assist in criminal defense, family and estate legal matters where firearm issues are present.


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Custom Built Firearms

We are the absolute best in custom built firearms! Need something custom or unique? It is our specialty!

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Have a legal issue that needs a Firearms Expert? Have a question about firearm compliance? Need to have firearms retrieved from law enforcement custody? Hire Us!

Special Order Firearms

We can order any firearm you’d like. We are also the cheapest for online transfers in town!


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